MAN OF GOD is the inspirational and award-winning story of Saint Nektarios — one of the most renowned Greek orthodox saints widely known for his impactful writings and miracles even up to his lasts moment on earth.

Starring Academy Award ® nominee Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler”), Hellenic Academy Award winner Aris Servetalis (“The Waiter”) and Alexander Petrov(“Attraction”). The music for the film was composed by two-time French Cesar winner Zbigniew Preisner with special performance by Golden Globe winner Lisa Gerrard.

Exiled unjustly, convicted without a trial, slandered without cause. The life of St. Nektarios of Aegina was one of persecution and prosecution.

A priest of the common people, his popularity provoked the jealousy of the clergy in Alexandria and as a result, he was defrocked and expelled from Egypt. In contrast to his religious “superiors”, Nektarios cared for the poor, taught peasant girls to read and write, and performed miracles. Even his last moment on earth was used to help another: upon his death, Nektarios’ undergarment was removed, and as it fell upon a paralyzed man in the hospital bed next to him, the lame man arose to walk. So, too, do we hope MAN OF GOD will awaken the paralyzed faith in audiences around the world.