The Rosary: Mysteries, Meditations & Music Press Room

Press Releases: Press Release- The Rosary Album Release– Nov. 7, 2014 Biographical Information: Backgrounder- Dominican Sisters- 2014 Biography – Sr. Joseph Andrew – Nov. 2014 Backgrounder- De Montfort Music Backgrounder Decca/ Universal More Information: EPK De Montfort Official Logo Link to purchase: Click... Read More

Pray the rosary with your Sisters

ATLANTA, Nov. 7, 2014 – The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist received an outpouring of affection from across the globe following the release of their 2013 Billboard chart-topping album, MATER EUCHARISTIAE. The Sisters return with a new offering from their community entitled THE ROSARY: MYSTERIES, MEDITATIONS AND MUSIC, slated to... Read More

The Rosary

The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist’s second album released by De Montfort Music. Street Date: Nov. 11, 2014. (Purchase album here) The Dominican Sisters of Mary return with a new offering from their community entitled: The Rosary Mysteries, Meditations & Music.  This album comes as a response to the outpouring of affection... Read More

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