Brittany Calavitta

Hailing from sunny Southern California, Brittany Calavitta recently relocated to Roswell, GA with her husband, David. As the newest member at Carmel Communications, Brittany is using both her extensive experience in the entertainment industry and her organizational skills to help facilitate any administrative needs for the company. Brittany’s background... Read More

Kevin Wandra

Kevin Wandra, a native of Roselle Park, New Jersey, works as associate director of media relations for Carmel Communications. His primary focus is Catholic media; he ensures clients’ books and movies receive significant coverage from Catholic media — TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, radio stations and blogs. He also has worked with secular... Read More

Lisa Wheeler

Lisa Wheeler is the founder and president of Carmel Communications. Mrs. Wheeler began her career in broadcast journalism and network television production, and honed her publicity and marketing skills on government, media and legal affairs projects in New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta and internationally. A devoted Catholic, Mrs. Wheeler was a founding... Read More

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