Old Fashioned

Chivalry Makes A Comeback


A former frat boy and a free-spirited woman together attempt the impossible: an “old-fashioned” courtship in contemporary America.

A romantic-drama, OLD FASHIONED centers on Clay Walsh, a former frat boy who gives up his carousing and now runs an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town. There, he has become notorious for his lofty and outdated theories on love and romance. When Amber Hewson, a free-spirited young woman with a restless soul, drifts into the area and rents the apartment above his shop, she finds herself surprisingly drawn to his noble ideas, which are new and intriguing to her. And Clay, though he tries to fight and deny it, simply cannot resist being attracted to her spontaneous and passionate embrace of life. Ultimately, Clay must step out from behind his relational theories, and Amber must overcome her own fears and deep wounds, as the two of them, together, attempt the impossible: an “old-fashioned” courtship in contemporary America.


RELEASE DATE   Valentine’s Weekend 2015

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“Despite our culture’s incessant mockery of marriage, there remains deep within the human heart a desire for a love that is permanent, exclusive, and faithful,” says Matt Fradd, Catholic author and speaker, MattFradd.com. “There’s another word for this — marriage. Fifty Shades of Gray will not — cannot — satisfy the human heart, only love can. And this love was represented beautifully in OLD FASHIONED.”

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PRODUCTION      Skoche Films, Motion Picture Pro Studios

DISTRIBUTION   Freestyle Releasing              

DIRECTOR             Rik Swartzwelder


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OF Final Key Art - Oct 8, 2014

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