Messenger of the Truth

Narrated by Martin Sheen.

Messenger of the Truth is one of the first feature documentary films to reveal the story of Polish martyr and a true 21st century hero of human rights, Father Jerzy Popieluszko.

Father Jerzy was an ordinary priest, whose strong faith, conviction and courage mobilized a nation to believe that they were indeed free in their hearts. His pursuit of the truth stood against the Soviet-backed regime’s pursuit of power. They were willing to kill, he was willing to die. The Soviets saw this one man speaking the truth in a country full of lies as a threat.

“Totalitarian systems destroy man because they captivate his inside, his thoughts, free will and conscience,” Popieluszko said to the people of Poland. “The only efficient defense against these systems is the truth.”

This truth he spoke of gave the people strength and courage. This truth was the source of faith, hope and love that united the people and gave rise to the spiritual fortitude that would ultimately destroy the communist regime. This truth was revolutionary.

“Telling the truth with courage is a way leading directly to freedom,” Popieluszko preached. “To do this we must overcome fear. This fear makes us act against our conscience and it is by means of conscience that we measure truth.”

Father Jerzy’s example and message of human rights, justice, the truth and freedom ignited a faithful nation to not only dream of freedom, but have the courage to make it a reality. Messenger of the Truth is his story.

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