Lisa Wheeler

President and Founder

Lisa Wheeler is the founder and president of Carmel Communications. Mrs. Wheeler began her career in broadcast journalism and network television production, and honed her publicity and marketing skills on government, media and legal affairs projects in New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta and internationally. A devoted Catholic, Mrs. Wheeler was a founding staff member for the first fully Catholic public relations and marketing agency in the world in 2005, and served as its Vice President for nearly 9 years. Mrs. Wheeler has managed some of the most successful publicity and marketing campaigns to the Catholic niche, including The Passion of The Christ, The Chronicles of Narnia, Fireproof, Restless Heart, YOUCAT, Heaven is For Real, Lent and Advent at Ephesus, and Ear of the Heart.  

Lisa and her husband Timothy are the parents to one beautiful 5 year old daughter who they adopted from foster care, and currently have three other foster children two and under who they pray and care for every day.

You can follow Lisa Wheeler on Twitter at @AMDG or you can reach her in the office by contacting her assistant, Brittany, at 866-777-2313 ext. 705.

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