Kevin Wandra

Associate Media Relations Director

Kevin Wandra

Kevin Wandra, a native of Roselle Park, New Jersey, works as associate director of media relations for Carmel Communications. His primary focus is Catholic media; he ensures clients’ books and movies receive significant coverage from Catholic media — TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, radio stations and blogs. He also has worked with secular and Evangelical media outlets on securing coverage of clients’ projects.

Wandra’s background is in journalism and broadcasting. He began his journalism career at the Fayette Daily News in Fayetteville, Georgia, and later worked for the Citizen Newspapers in Fayetteville, Georgia. He also has done some freelance writing. He has written numerous articles and blogs about local news and events, including politics, religion, music and sports. He is an award-winning broadcaster, as well, having served as co-host of “The Citizen Sports Blitz,” a twice-weekly Georgia high school sports talk video show, and “Game of the Week,” a weekly TV broadcast of a Georgia high school sporting event on Comcast Sports Southeast. Wandra, a lifelong Catholic, is a member of St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church, a Roman Catholic Church in Roswell, Georgia, where he lives with his wife, Dawn, and their two children. He prays fervently that his beloved New York Jets will win the Super Bowl at least once during his lifetime, and that the New York Yankees will continue to add to their impressive haul of World Series titles.

You can follow Kevin Wandra on Twitter @kpwandra or reach him in the office at 866-777-2313, ext. 701.

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