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In theaters March 3-5, 2015- Three nights only! Don’t miss it

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See what Catholics are saying about The Drop Box Film:

The film The Drop Box is both inspiring and challenging. It shows more powerfully than any words can capture, the beauty and value of every human life.  Pastor Lee and his wife reveal the antidote to what Pope Francis has termed the Throw-away Culture.  The Drop Box is challenging because Pastor Lee’s response to his own profoundly disabled child was to allow himself to be taught the beauty and dignity of every single life.  Pastor Lee allowed his child to help him discover a much greater capacity to love than most of us think is possible.  Pastor Lee’s witness challenged me to consider what I can learn from those with disabilities and what more I can do to give them reason and cause to smile.  I hope many people will see this film.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

Fantastic! This film really captures the essence of this year’s Respect Life theme ‘Each of us is a Masterpiece of God’s creation.’ Pastor Lee leads an extraordinary life of love and service to the abandoned. His compelling story is beautifully shared in this film. Bravo!

Bishop David L. Ricken, DD. JCL, Diocese of Green Bay, WI

The Drop Box captures the great power and subtlety of the beautiful heart of a generous Korean Pastor who has developed a creative way to allow women to drop-off unwanted babies at his home. He’s a man of modest means but great heart and faith. I highly recommend this film to general audiences and especially to families who cherish their children as gifts from God. This is an amazing, well-told story that’s worthy of your attention and time. It is a film that I will not forget ever.

Fr. Wilfred Raymond, CSC., President, Holy Cross Family Ministries

What a fantastic film! Watching this film moves you to tears – tears of joy and sorrow.  You’ll experience sorrow for the babies abandoned and joy for the hope that this couple brings to help them.  Watch this film and get inspired to change the world.

Eva Muntean, Co-Founder and Organizer, Walk for Life

The Drop Box is a powerful true story of mercy, heroism, courage, hope, and profound love. Guaranteed to change your life!

– Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, EWTN TV host, Author of The Kiss of Jesus

The Drop Box is a stirring reminder of the precious worth of every human life. South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his beautiful family remind us that each of us, acting with intentional kindness, can make a difference in this world so greatly in need of love and compassion.

Lisa M. Hendey, Author of The Grace of Yes and Founder of

The Drop Box is a profound documentary that has great power to wake people up and show them that we can’t just sit back in do nothing in the fight against the culture of death. Pastor Lee is an example of how one person can make a difference, and The Drop Box is an example of how cinema will be the vehicle to change the tide.

Lori Hadacek Chaplin, writer for Catholic Digest

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