How do we live the truth in love when the culture says we’re haters?

Authors provide valuable contribution to how the Church could provide mercy and compassion to those with same-sex attraction in the light of the Gospel

SAN FRANCISCO, August 25, 2015 – One of the most hotly debated topics in the Church today, especially with the rapidly approaching Synod of Bishops, is how can Catholics provide pastoral attention to families with persons with same-sex attraction while avoiding unjust discrimination? In a culture that equates reaffirming moral principles with hate speech, Christians are living in dark and confusing times.

LIVING THE TRUTH IN LOVE: Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction, edited by Dr. Janet E. Smith and Father Paul Check, addresses how people could be instruments of Christ’s love to those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) — among them our children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, parents, friends and coworkers. Thought-provoking stories of those who experience SSA, and those who have accompanied them on their journeys, are told throughout the book.

The Christian view of the human person and of human sexuality is articulated in essays that challenge the bifurcation of sexualities into “heterosexual” and “homosexual.” Topics include an explanation of the meaning of the word “disorder,” a discussion of the therapeutic power of friendship and an application of Saint John Paul II’s personalism to the question of same-sex attraction. Psychologists and counselors explain various ways of affirming those who experience same-sex attraction and of leading them to experience the power of Christ’s healing love.

LIVING THE TRUTH IN LOVE: Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction provides a positive message for people who live with same-sex attraction, and is a deeply serious response to Pope Francis’ call to the Church to engage the crisis of the family in all its dimensions and a critically important contribution to one of the greatest pastoral challenges facing the New Evangelization.

“A courageous, sincere and timely book that seeks to help those with same-sex attraction and all of us who love them with the powerful medicine of the Gospel, the psychological sciences and the inspiring witness of those with SSA who are living chaste, loving, joy-filled, Christian lives,” Sean Cardinal O’Malley, archbishop of Boston, says of LIVING THE TRUTH IN LOVE: Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction.

For more information, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with Dr. Janet Smith, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or of Carmel Communications.


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