Array of Hope Show

“Array of Hope,” a project of Te Deum Ministries, is a wide-ranging concert experience that features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers and thought-provoking film presentations that joyously provide a counterweight to the negative media surrounding today’s society. It brings Christ’s message of faith, hope and love to its audiences. It especially celebrates an appreciation of the family that is so often denigrated in today’s music, movies, TV, radio and the Internet. The show’s key themes are the sanctity of life, the importance of God in the family and the loving support prayer can bring to the spiritual and emotional development of us and our children.

To learn more about Te Deum Ministries and Array of Hope click here.

Te Deum Ministries is a religious organization created to address the degradation of our culture and the lack of spirituality that exists all around us today by bringing Christ’s message of faith, hope and love to as many teens, young adults and families as possible.

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